Jobsite Safety Checklist

Use This Safety Checklist to Document Your Jobsite Safety Efforts

 The purpose of the Jobsite Safety Checklist is to demonstrate your efforts at increasing jobsite safety and at meeting regulatory requirements for documenting those efforts.  The document available here is in Word format so you can alter it to meet the latest requirements.  Because the authorities are constantly changing their requirements, the document is meant to be a starting point for developing your own version.

The Basics

Start with the premise “If it isn’t written down, it didn’t happen“. This document lays the groundwork for demonstrating that you are actively attempting to provide a safe jobsite at each of your projects.  A regular paper trail of these reports, on at least a monthly basis, will show that you were aware of the dangers inherent in the construction process and have proactively attempting to mitigate those risks.

The Checklist

This document should be completed prior to the start of each project and then at least monthly during the life of the project. The safety topics addressed include:

  • Program administration;
  • Housekeeping;
  • Fire safety;
  • Electrical;
  • Hazard communication;
  • Hand and power tools;
  • Barricades and fencing;
  • Personal protective equipment;
  • Ladders and stairways;
  • Floor and edge protection;
  • First aid and medical services;
  • Air compressors;
  • Compressed gas cylinders;
  • Excavations;
  • Scaffolding;
  • Welding and cutting;
  • Fall protection.

The Extras

Nothing can keep you perfectly safe from jobsite hazards or from the hazards of careless subcontractors or employees who can be accidents-waiting-to-happen.  With this Safety Checklist in your files, though, you can at least demonstrate that you have done your best to manage this risk element.

Use the Job Board to post the required or desired documents (Emergency contacts, Terms and Conditions, Permit, Jobsite plan set, etc).