Virtual CFO (Chief Financial Officer)

Assist the business owner and other stakeholders (management-level employees, investors, and lenders) in understanding the financial evolution of their business and making wise financial decisions.  Generally, this is done once the accounting is set up correctly and reliable monthly financial reports can be submitted.

This service involves an ongoing once-monthly review and discussion of the progress of the company, focusing on wealth generation (balance sheet equity) and based on the financial statements for each monthly period.

Project-Based Assistance

A project is a scope of work with a clearly-defined starting point and a completion milestone.

Done-For-You Project Examples


  • Create Business Plan
  • Build a Business Model Canvas
  • Write Investor/Lender synopsis
  • Organizational structure
  • Systems development
  • Client Control/Management
  • Subcontractor Management
  • Loan Package Preparation
  • Yearly State of the Business
  • Business exit strategies


  • Conduct market research
  • Build a Business Model Canvas
  • Determine market positioning
  • Brand development
  • Estimating Process
  • Customer Journey
  • Create proforma budget
  • EstimatorPro
  • Camtasia
  • Wordpress Website


  • Projects you want and need done, but just can't find the time to complete
  • Systems development
  • Client Control/Management
  • Subcontractor Management
  • Estimating Process
  • Job costing set-up/clean-up
  • Training in Toolbox apps
  • Asana
  • InstaGantt
  • EstimatorPro


  • Accounting set up/clean-up
  • Create proforma budget
  • Use NAHB Chart of Accounts
  • Proper Construction Accounting
  • Job costing set-up/clean-up
  • Financial Analysis
  • Loan Package Preparation
  • Yearly State of the Business
  • Financial planning strategies
  • Quickbooks

Coaching (Project-Based)

Coaching In Business Management

Your Coach will lead you through all the considerations on the Start-Up Checklist.

Customized Business Model Canvas developed for your company as a basis for company mission, goals and profitability.

The correct business strategy is the key to the success of your construction company.  We can assist you in laying that groundwork.

A complete S.W.O.T.  (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis for your company will identify the best opportunities in your market.  We can help you get there.

We will conduct the Year-End Checklist interview and help you close the loop on planning for next year.

Coaching In Marketing

A survey of market conditions, competitive analysis, and Quick Insight analysis.

Focused on branding and developing a market presence.  Includes business name, logo, color and font selection, Unique Value Proposition (UVP) creation, segment and avatar identification, and the process of building preferential differentiation.

Review the marketing checklist and develop strategies for filling in the market gaps discovered.

Document each step of the Sales Process in your company.  Create supporting documents. Create a training process for all your client-facing staff.

We will create a five-page website structure (Home, About, Portfolio, Your Choice, and Contact Us) and advise and train you to add content.

How to create and publish a slide deck.  You will have a 10-slide deck on Slide Share when the session is completed.

How to create and publish a video.  You will have a two-minute video on YouTube when the session is completed.

Coaching In People Management

You will receive the Builder Resources Subcontractor Management System and training to help manage those relationships. We will also address monitoring subcontractor insurance coverages and calendaring annual Terms and Conditions.

Client Management documents, customized for your company, integrated into your procedures manual, plus training.

Review your current contract and make business-related suggestions.  Check for completeness and consistency.  This is not a legal review, and you will have to talk to your legal counsel before revising any existing contracts.  You will also receive a copy of our contracts to review.

Coaching In Estimating

We can help you control your client's expectations by customizing your Initial Specifications, and coordinating them with your Sales Process and Contracting Process.

EstimatorPro training and customization.  Estimating template developed for the way you like to estimate.  Preliminary database set up for you, and you will be trained in keeping the database current.

Coaching In Project Management

We train you and your job supervisors in using smart phones to dictate and file Daily Progress Reports on every project, every day.

Asana for Project Management files set up for your company.  All management and staff trained.  Comprehension test administered.  Employees goaded into using the Asana platform.

Job Binder set up explained.  Can apply to either physical Job Binders or digital binders set up using the Asana Production Management template from Builder Resources.

Coaching In Financial Management

It is critically important to learn how to play "What-If?" with the finances of your business.  We can train you in how to set up a model that you can plug your numbers into to look at the future of moves you are making now.

If nothing else, the act of preparing a budget alerts you to the inter-connectedness of the financial and performance components of your business.  A critical exercise if you really intend to manage your company.

The Chart of Accounts for the company is set up so it is consistent with the NAHB chart of Accounts. Set-up is coordinated with the Accountant or Bookkeeper.

Includes the NAHB Chart of Accounts import ($70.00 value) and 30-minute training session.

The Chart of Accounts for the company is revised so it is consistent with the NAHB chart of Accounts. Revisions are coordinated with the Accountant or Bookkeeper.

Includes the NAHB Chart of Accounts import ($70.00 value) and 30-minute training session.

Training in the importance and usefulness of the Nine Numbers in diagnosing the financial health of your company.

Review financial reports for last 3-5 years and establish baseline financial trends. Prepare analysis for and present to management.

Important financial ratios identified and explained. 

Discussion re how to use the financial numbers to make smart financial decisions.

Coaching In Use Of the Digital Toolbox
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