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  • Clearly display the effect of each specification change on the initial contract amount.
  • Show the percentage change in the contract amount for all specification changes to date.
  • Show the rationale for each line item change.
  • Show the effect on the schedule for each specification change
  • Confirm the phase the Buyer is accepting.
  • Document the concerns the Buyer has on the acceptance walk-through.
  • Create a document which will accompany and re-enforce the subsequent Draw Request.
  • Track Milestone payments due.
  • Track total changes to contract.
  • Track all payments made by Buyer.
  • Create a Draw Request that will not be delayed because of lack of clarity.
  • Document that the project is currently being delayed due to the actions of the Buyer
  • Provide the specifics reason(s) for the delay.
  • Provide specific remedies for the delay and the actions the Buyer must take to restart the project.
  • Document that your construction company has always been ready, willing, and able to complete the project.
  • Document the remedies taken by the Buyer to restart the project.
  • Document the effect on the schedule of the delay.
  • Reset the schedule per the delay.

Client Management Documents

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Client Management Documents

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