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The Foundation Modules

The focus of the FOUNDATION series is on YOU — your dreams, obligations, expectations, and rewards for going into business.  In the Builder Academy, you’ll find companion courses which introduce the important parts of starting up and running a business, marketing, estimating, selling, managing clients and associates, managing projects, and construction finance.

But this FOUNDATION course is just about YOU.  And your worldview.  And how that worldview will be reflected in your business. As you proceed with the foundation modules, you will create a list of unique business commandments that will shape the culture of your enterprise and be a guidepost for your future important decisions.  These Commandments will be based on the information you provide throughout these survey exercises.

Starting a business is a great adventure… and a lot of work….and the most fun you will ever have.

And the better you know yourself going into the quest, the greater your prospect for success.

Join in on the experience now, and get started with the free first module, “It Starts With You”.

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