Your First Commandment

The creation of your business commandments is intended to be an evolutionary process.

You will create the commandments based on your thinking and learning as you progress through the FOUNDATION course.

It is traditional to create ten commandments, but if seven or five or twelve commandments work for you, that’s perfectly fine.

These commandments will represent your business philosophy, and will be used as guideposts for the operation of your construction business. Have fun with them, but also recognize their importance.

You will add to the commandment list as you go through the FOUNDATION course.

(You can view my Ten Commandments for a Construction company by clicking here)


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Your First Commandment

Think of the last series of surveys and the information you entered. Review those surveys to provide some ideas about this first commandment.
Make the commandment a truth to which you are willing to commit.

This is the first in a series of commandments you will create as you proceed through this course. They will provide you with guideposts in the way you conduct and build your business.

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