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The Right Mindset to Run a Construction Company

The Right Mindset to Run a Construction Company

These lessons are based on my 35-year career in the construction industry. For the most part, they represent things I wish I had known, but had to find out for myself, usually at significant expense.  Be smart, learn from my mistakes.

Good judgement comes from experience...Experience comes from bad judgement.

Sections in this course include:

  • The Entrepreneurial Seizure
    • We Are All Infected
  • Ten Commandments For Running a Construction Business
    • Commandment One
    • Commandment Two
    • Commandment Three
    • Commandment Four
    • Commandment Five
    • Commandment Six
    • Commandment Seven
    • Commandment Eight
    • Commandment Nine
    • Commandment Ten
  • Developing a No-Nonsense Attitude
    • What is a “No-Nonsense Attitude”?
    • Your Sales Attitude
    • Your Sizzle Attitude
    • Your Systems Attitude
    • Your Supplier Attitude
    • Your Specialist Attitude
  • The Government Is Your Partner (Like It Or Not)
    • Which Government Agencies have a finger in your pie?
    • Links to Government sites
  • Thanks — for the Miseries
    • Thanks… 



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