Walk-Through Forms

Use these forms as you walk the project with the Buyer, or with the NOTICE OF ACCEPTANCE from the Client Management Documents course.

The walk-through with the buyer provides an opportunity to bring a phase to a close.  When you walk the project with the Buyer following the Framing phase, you can pick up any framing problems or changes that need to be made, and then PUT THAT PHASE BEHIND YOU.

You will explain to the Buyer that after each walk-through, the expectation is that the phase is complete.  Any framing changes after the Framing Walk-Through will generate a change order that will add to the cost of the project.  The same will be true for each of the phase walk-throughs.  EACH WALK-THROUGH MARKS THE END OF THAT PHASE.

These walk-through forms can be used in conjunction with the NOTICE OF ACCEPTANCE found in the Client Management Documents course.  The combination of the NOTICE OF ACCEPTANCE and the phase walk-through leads to the DRAW REQUEST which is submitted to the Buyer and the Lender.

The benefit of this process is obvious.  With the NOTICE OF ACCEPTANCE from the Buyer in hand, there should be no confusion, and no stalling, in funding the DRAW REQUEST on the part of the Lender.