Position Description



Chief Executive Officer

• Manager of Accounting
• Manager of Financial Analysis

Handle and report on the status of the company’s financial resources. Provide staff support in the form of consultation and information relating to the allocation and monitoring of company financial resources.

• Establish and maintain an orderly cash flow and provide management with documentation of same.

• Provide staff support to the company in the form of information, analyses, summaries, and reports of financial activities.

• Make recommendations to management for improving profitability and growth.

• Manage relationships with banks and other lenders.

• Identify and manage financial risks to the Company, including liability risks and client transactional risks.

• Create an Annual Operating budget for the Company.

• Report monthly on the Budget-to-Actual performance of the company.

• Report monthly  on the status of the company’s assets as demonstrated in the financial statements.

• Include, at the least, Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow Statement in the financial analysis.

• Generate and deliver the analysis of the financial statements no later than 15 days after the close of any fiscal month and no later than 30 days after the close of any fiscal year.

• Review and analyze Financial Statements at least once a month in a general meeting of all VP-level and Executive-level management.