When to Do What

Get on top of the niggling little tasks that can become so big and important if forgotten!!

  1. You can access the information in the task lists in two ways–
    • Keep all entries online. Bookmark this page and access it to complete the forms. Save the forms in a file labeled “Tasks”.
    • Print a copy of the form, and keep it on your desk to remind you of the tasks.  Just check off the tasks when completed. Save each completed form in a binder labeled “Tasks”.
  2. Completing the forms is straight-forward. Each task should have a checkmark or be marked “NA” if the task doesn’t pertain to your business model.
  3. Read the “Tips” suggestions for some help in getting the work done.

 Look, I get it.  We are all clocked to the max.  This form suggests a rigid schedule, and it is best if you can adhere to it.

However, I am going to suggest an alternative that will allow you to ease into your time management.

    • Identify tasks that only you can do. Make those your priorities.
    • Identify tasks that you can delegate to someone else, either inside your company or outside your company.  When you delegate, provide a deadline by which the information must be provided to you, and hold them to that schedule.
    • Some of the tasks may not apply to your business model. Mark them NA and move on.
  2. DAILY tasks
    • Take Monday and Tuesday to complete one daily schedule.  Complete another on Wednesday and Thursday.  Complete a final daily schedule on Friday and Saturday.
    • The morning team meetings can start on a Monday-Wednesday-Friday rotation.
  3. WEEKLY tasks
    • Take two weeks to complete a one weekly schedule.
    • Give yourself a week to complete each of these.
    • Don’t forget to delegate any of these tasks you can.
  5. Even with the short-cuts, you will be much more in control of your business.