Position Description



Chief Executive Officer

• Manager of Purchasing and Subcontractors
• Projects Manager

Provide staff support in the form of production systems for procurement, maintenance, distribution and implementation of production materials. Assist in pre-planning projects and finding solutions to potential problems before construction begins.

• Pre-plan projects.

• Identify solutions to potential problems before a project begins.

• Logistics planning, such as site access, material deliveries, equipment requirements.

• Development of master schedules, material and manpower availability, and site conditions.

• Compliance with local ordinances.

• Perform constructability reviews.

• Develop on-site Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) program.

• Phase the work in the most efficient manner possible.

• Build in value engineering.

• Assist in preparation of purchasing requisitions and subcontract contract reviews.

• Ensure that the preconstruction staff works closely with the project manager or project executive on the project and with other departments as well.