Position Description

VP-Marketing & Sales

VP-Marketing and Sales

Chief Executive Officer

• Market Research Manager
• Branding Manager
• Sales Process Manager
• Estimating Manager

Acquire customers for the company by determining product-market fit parameters, identifying the ability within the company to address said parameters and developing channels to inform selected market segments about company’s abilities.

• Provide staff support to all departments of the company to enhance customer acquisition efforts.

• Collaborate with VP-level management in developing market-product fit information.

• Advise the CEO regarding positioning the sales effort of the company in the most appropriate market segment.

• Assure that any and all appropriate marketing outreach support is available to optimize the sales efforts of the company.

• Base all positioning strategies upon either quantifiable data or the best judgement regarding the demographics, psychographics, perceptions, preferences, needs and wants of the target market segment.

• Ensure that all positioning strategies will be intended to achieve superior preference in the selected target market segment.

• Determine that the company’s Positioning Statement will be consistent with the company’s willingness and ability to perform.

• Develop a company Unique Value Proposition that will achieve preemptive superiority in the minds of the selected target market segment.

• Ensure that all promises, claims and representations contained in any marketing process will be consistent with the company’s willingness and ability to perform, with the Positioning Statement, and with the Unique Value Proposition.

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