Position Description

Website Technician

Website Technician

Branding Manager

• None

Develop and maintain a company website by planning and executing a design, maintaining and upgrading website services, and updating content on the website.

• Ensure that the Company website is consistent with the Company’s data relating to customer preferences and psychographics.

• Ensure that the appearance and content of the website enhances the company Unique Value Proposition and the Position Statement.

• Develop site look and feel, navigation and structure in concert with a skilled and experienced subcontractor.

• Develop site content and graphics in line with company data relating to customer preferences.

• Avoid single person reliant website design by relying on WordPress-based site design using a widely available theme.

• Have, at a minimum, basic knowledge of WordPress, add-ons and plug-ins. Position does not require deep-coding activity knowledge, but that would be an additional benefit to the company.