Position Description

Site Supervisor

Site Supervisor

Projects Manager

• Subcontractors
• Material Suppliers
• Laborers

Supervise field construction of a project, including its planning, scheduling, deployment and construction in order to complete the work on time, on budget and to the quality specified.

• Deliver a completed product on time, on budget, to a satisfied customer.

• Protect and promote the interest of the company in all matters.

• Comply with local building codes and ordinances.

• Ensure that all government safety regulations and company safety policies are always followed.

• Develop on-site plans and procedures for field operations.

• Coordinate and monitor the activities of subcontractors, suppliers and company labor.

• Ensure the work is performed to the specifications provided in the job estimate.

• Create and update progress schedules.

• Establish and maintain safety and security practices for the project.

• Ensure compliance with safety measures by all subcontractors and company labor.

• Prepare regular and special reports for job meetings.

• Conduct and complete Inspection Reports for each phase of the work.

• File a Daily Progress Report every day for each project on which there is activity.

• Document any and all interactions with the Owner of the project.