Position Description

Designer Specialist

Designer Specialist

VP - Marketing and Sales

• None

Assist Clients of the Company in making functional and attractive choices in the design finishes of their project. Relay those design specification choices to the appropriate functions in the Company.

• Work with Clients at all points in the construction process to assist in making finish specification choices.

• Determine and document the Client’s design goals and desires for the project.

• Develop finish design product packages that fall within the project budget.

• Educate the Client regarding the financial impact of budget overages.

• Maintain positive relationship with Client as you proceed through finish specification process.

• This position is the liaison between the Client and the Company regarding design specification choices.

• Assist the Client in making design decisions which fall within the budget for the project.

• Create a visual reference point for all design specification choices made by the Client.

• Maintain and update project files regarding design specification choices being made by the Client.

• Assist the Purchasing function in ordering and securing the appropriate design materials.

• Alert Billing function of the need to adjust project pricing in the event of budget overages.

• Assist the Project Manager as necessary to ensure that Client design expectations are met in the construction process.