Position Description

Information Technology & Systems Development Manager

Information Technology & Systems Development Manager

VP -Administration

Website Technician

Provide support related to the development, documentation, distribution, and maintenance of systems of operation, the company’s Systems Manuals, and the Information Technology support systems.

• Develop, document, and train all personnel in the appropriate systems used to manage and operate the business of the company.

• Supplement all training with written documentation in the form of Systems Manuals.

• Build all systems around a uniform model of description and documentation.

• Maintain and regularly update a complete digital set of Systems Manuals.

• Distribute new and replacement Systems Manuals promptly via the internet to the appropriate users.

• Poll all users at least twice per year to determine their perceptions of support provided by the Systems Development Manager.

• Ensure that, among those polled at any given time, at least 75% of all users will consider the support of the Systems Development Manager satisfactory in all respects.