Position Description

Sales Process Manager

Sales Process Manager

VP -Marketing and Sales


Provide sales processes for the acquisition of customers.

• Design, document, and maintain a customer journey map for prospects, showing each interface in the prospect-to-customer conversion process.

• Design and regularly update printed and digital sales support documents which will enhance the prospect-to-customer conversion process.

• Prepare periodic reports documenting actual customer journey results showing (1) contacts that became prospects, (2) prospects that became design clients, and (3) design clients that signed construction contracts.

• Recognize that a contact becomes a prospect when additional sales information is requested, and the conversation involves a request for construction pricing information.

• Recognize that sales process documents are printed, and digital media created, for the purpose of providing information regarding the company and leading to a sales conversion.

• Focus all sales processes documents on the company’s Position Statement.

• Focus all sales processes documents on the company’s Unique Value Proposition.

• Develop and maintain a tracking program to document the number of prospects, the number of those prospects which became customers, and the conversion percentage (Customers/Prospects).

• Ensure that the sales processes will convert at least 25% of prospects into customers during any fiscal year.