Position Description

Purchasing & Contract Manager

Purchasing and Contracts Manager

VP -Production


Prepare, negotiate and award all subcontracts and purchase orders.

• Assure that all subcontractors are experientially and financially qualified.

• Manage the issuance of all subcontracts and work orders to ensure that labor and materials are on the jobsite when needed.

• Collaborate with Accounting to make sure that all subcontractor insurance certificates are current and valid.

• Develop and maintain relationships with subcontractors and suppliers.

• Evaluate subcontractor qualifications and financial capabilities.

• Work with Production Department to establish timing of orders for materials and labor.

• Negotiate and/or size orders to obtain the best pricing available consistent with the material and labor quality specified.

• Contain the growth of materials inventories unless such growth is temporarily requested by company management.

• Communicate with the Production Department to encourage use of the inventoried materials in current projects if material inventory has accumulated.