Position Description

Projects Manager

Projects Manager

VP -Production

Site Supervisors

Complete the construction work on all projects, on budget, on time, while maintaining a safe work site.

• Manage master production schedule for all company projects.

• Understand and enforce budgetary controls on all jobs.

• Assign, train and mentor all site supervisors.

• Maintain, inform and enforce company safety policies.

• Visit each current project at least once per week, and document visit.

• Check budget-to-actual reports for each project at least weekly to confirm that project is on budget.

• Confirm that all projects are being constructed per the most current specifications.

• Mediate any conflicts between subcontractors and between subcontractors and site supervisors.

• Mediate any conflicts between code enforcement personnel and site supervisors, as necessary.

• Require and enforce that each site supervisor file a Daily Progress Report each day on which there is activity on the project.

• Monitor safety regulation compliance for all subcontractors when on the project site.