Position Description

Human Resources Manager

Human Resources Manager

VP - Administration


Provide support related to staffing, employee relations, benefits and compensation.

• Assist by establishing, maintaining and continually improving programs to assure favorable employee relations.

• Evaluate recruitment sources based on cost-per-hired-employee.

• Evaluate job candidates based on appropriate skill level, experience, training and education for the position for which they are being considered.

• Ensure that the company’s benefits program will be competitive with those of other companies in the industry and/or those of comparable size and resources.

• Reject no job candidate for reasons that are not quantifiable.

• Keep current on applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations regarding human resources management.

• Attend at least one in-depth human resources management training session per year.

• Do not, under any circumstances, consciously or purposely violate any federal, state or local law or regulation regarding the management of human resources.