Position Description

Finance Manager

Finance Manager

VP - Finance


Present the financial information of the Company in an understandable, easily digested format for management use in making financial decisions.

• Prepare periodic (weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual) financial planning documents for management consumption.

• Create financial dashboard highlighting key performance indicators (KPIs) as recommended by management.

• Proactively track, research and explain important financial variances from the norm.

• Be prepared to answer management questions regarding the financial operation of the company.

• Prepare and present monthly budget-to-actual reports for each project the company is currently working on.

• Cash flow forecasts for company will be generated and delivered to management at least once per month, and whenever requested by management.

• All Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable will be summarized, with summaries delivered to management at least once each week.

• Prepare and present an annual enterprise budget one month prior to the beginning of the next fiscal year.

• Prepare and present enterprise budget-to-actual reports on a monthly basis, or as often as requested by management.

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