Position Description

Branding Manager

Branding Manager

VP - Marketing and Sales

• Website Technician
• Advertising Technician

Develop a recognizable, consistent, and meaningful package of graphic and written assets which accurately represent the vision and mission of the company.

• Create the branding package.

• Assure that the brand accurately reflects the culture of the company.

• Make certain that the company adheres to the elements of the brand in every activity it conducts.

• Assist in developing the position statement for the company.

• Assist in creating the Unique Value Proposition for the company.

• Assist in creating the logo for the company.

• Conduct psychographic research to identify market segment preferences with regard to color, shape, tone, verbiage.

• Make certain that the elements of the brand permeate every activity of the company.

• Assure that the brand is consistently represented in client-facing interactions.


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