the Participant Survey

  • The Participant Survey will be built in cooperation with Company Management.
  • Using statements from the Library and/or custom statements that have been added to the Library, build the survey instrument on the Dashboard.
  • Simply highlight the statement from the Library, copy the statement, and then paste the statement to the Dashboard. 
  • As the Dashboard is built, the statements are copied to the appropriate locations in the app.
  • A defaulted set of statements has been added to the Dashboard. Feel free to customize the statements on the Dashboard to fit the company’s specific needs.
  • The “File Management” selection at the bottom of the page provides instructions about how to save your work.
  • Once the Dashboard has been created, the survey instrument can be printed, copied, and distributed.
  •  Go to the “Participant Survey-Handout” tab.
  • At the bottom of the handout, select “Print”.
  • Print a copy of the handout instrument.  Default settings will be PRINT: Portrait, Margins=Default, Scale=Default.
  • Review the handout, and, when approved, make a copy for each participant in the exercise. 
  • Confirm that each participant has received the “Memo to SWOT Participants”.
  • Distribute to each participant.
  1. Make a couple extra copies to use in the brainstorming session.
  2. If the “Memo to SWOT Participants” has not been distributed, just include it with the survey document.
  3. Give the respondents at least three days to complete and return the survey.
  4. Be sure to leave yourself sufficient time before the Brainstorming Session to collect the surveys, collate the responses, and discuss the results with Management (three days at a minimum).
  5. The purpose of discussing with Management is to select topics to be highlighted during the Brainstorm session.
  6. I have found that participants enjoy a concise summary of the results of the survey presented at the Brainstorm Session. They will have copies of their responses with them and can compare their responses to the aggregate results.