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Objective of this Scope of Work

► To ensure that Trim Hardware is installed in a manner consistent with all applicable building codes, manufacturer's instructions and warranty requirements, and acceptable construction practices.

Terms used in this document

►SITE SUPERINTENDENT: shall refer to any Builder representative with authority to enforce this Scope of Work.
►SUBCONTRACTOR: shall refer to the Subcontractor's organization, its employees, or any representative of the Subcontractor assigned the authority to perform per this Scope of Work.

Acceptable Performance

Trim Hardware Install: General

► Plans are subject to changes and modifications. It is the responsibility of the Subcontractor to verify with the Site Superintendent that the plans have not changed before beginning work. The Subcontractor will correct any errors that occur from using an incorrect set of plans at no cost to Company.
► Exterior locks, interior locks, and other door hardware shall be installed after the final painting is complete. All locks shall fit properly and lock smoothly. All doors are to operate easily and latch securely.
► The construction locks placed on the exterior doors shall be removed and returned to the Site Superintendent. ALL mounting hardware and lock components shall be returned. Any missing piece shall be replaced by the Subcontractor or at the Subcontractor's expense.
► Typically, all exterior hung doors receive keyed-alike locksets, all bedroom and bathroom hung and pocket access doors receive privacy handsets, and all other hung and pocket doors receive passage handsets. Paired doors into storage areas may receive magnetic catches and dummy handsets. Bypass doors receive inset fingerpulls. Bi-fold doors receive pulls, which are usually provided by the manufacturer.
► Bath hardware shall be mounted into the 2 x 6 backing provided at the framing stage. Standard blocking is centered at 53” above finished floor for towel bars and rings, 36” above finished floor for grab bars, 23” above finished floor for paper holders.
► Cabinet hardware, if used, shall be attached as specified in the manufacturer's installation instructions.
► Wire shelving, wherever specified, shall be attached as specified in the manufacturer's installation instructions by the Trim Hardware Labor subcontractor.
► House shall be left clean, broom-swept, and all debris shall be removed to the dumpster or to the designated trash site.
► Any items found during the final inspection that need correction, shall be corrected before payment will be made.

Trim Hardware Install: Details

► Door bumpers shall be installed so that the door contacts the bumper withing three inches of the latch side of the door when the door is fully opened.
► Hinge-mounted bumpers shall be mounted on the top of the top hinge of the door.
► Blocking is provided for all bath hardware mounts
► Blocking height is 53” above finished floor for towel bars and rings.
► Blocking height is 36” above finished floor for grab bars.
► Blocking height is 23” above finished floor for toilet paper holders.
► Wire shelving shall be installed at the heights shown and in the quantity shown in the plans. If such detail is not provided in the plans, check with the Site Supervisor for the appropriate installation heights and shelf groupings.

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