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Objective of this Scope of Work

► To ensure that the Painting work is completed in a manner consistent with all applicable building codes, manufacturer's instructions and warranty requirements, and acceptable construction practices.

Terms used in this document

►SITE SUPERINTENDENT: shall refer to any Builder representative with authority to enforce this Scope of Work.
►SUBCONTRACTOR: shall refer to the Subcontractor's organization, its employees, or any representative of the Subcontractor assigned the authority to perform per this Scope of Work.

Acceptable Performance
► Painting is divided into three phases: Painting-Rough, Painting-Finish and Painting - Touch-Up. All three phases apply to both Exterior and Interior painting, and are included in this Scope of Work. Payment will be made for each phase at phase completion, inspection and acceptance.
Paint: General

► Color selections shall be given to the Subcontractor in ample time to secure the correct paint. Under no circumstances shall the Subcontractor change the type or grade of paint specified by Company.
► All work is to be done by trained, experienced individuals.
► Surfaces intended for coating should be clean, sound, and uniform in nature. To achieve maximum coating life, surfaces should be cleaned of dirt, grease, rust, and moisture. Sharp edges, irregular areas, cracks, and holes should be repaired before application.
► When filling masonry, plaster, wood, or wallboard, the area should be cleared of loose debris. Apply compound with a putty knife or trowel and smooth off the surface so it is slightly convex to allow for shrinkage.
► Damaged areas outside the scope of painting work should be brought to the attention of the Site Superintendent immediately.
► Paint materials should be mixed prior to delivery to the job and then hand-mixed just prior to use and periodically during application. Caution should be taken not to over mix, causing the incorporation of excess air.
► Paints and solvents should be maintained at a temperature between 50 degrees Fahrenheit (F) and 90 degrees F, and stored in a well-ventilated area. Freezing temperatures may permanently damage water-based paints as may subjecting paint to frost.
► Paints not stored within the recommended temperature range should be conditioned for at least 24 hours at a temperature of 65 degrees F to 85 degrees F.
► Surface and air temperatures should be between 50 and 90 degrees F for applying water-based coatings and 45 to 95 degrees F for applying other coatings unless the manufacturer stipulates otherwise. Paint should not be applied when temperature is expected to freeze prior to drying.
► Paints should be applied at manufacturer’s spreading rates. When successive coats are used, allow sufficient time for each coat to dry thoroughly before the following coat is applied.
► Materials below or adjoining the work should be covered or otherwise protected.
► Painted or finished surfaces should present a smooth, unblemished, homogeneous appearance without drops, runs, lumps, streaking, or visible color variations.
► Exterior paints or stains should not peel or deteriorate during the first two (2) years of Warranty coverage.
► The Subcontractor is expected to perform only one touch-up and that is after the work is completed on the homeowner’s walk-through list.
► The final paint job will be inspected in direct sunlight. Any defect visible from a distance of three (3) feet under these conditions will be considered unacceptable.

Paint: Details

► Plans and/or requirements of the job shall be reviewed with the Site Superintendent prior to beginning work.
► All nicks, gouges, scrapes, damage, etc., should be repaired, treated, or otherwise taken care of before painting begins.
► Excess damage to exterior elements is to be reported immediately to the Site Superintendent.
► Do not use any sink for washing brushes or tools. Such an action will incur a $100.00 fine plus the cost of repairing the sink, which may include replacement. Fines and additional costs will be deducted from the next payment due Subcontractor.
► All doors that have been taken down to paint shall be re-hung, straight, level, and undamaged. A 3” screw of the appropriate size must replace the top screw in each hinge if the screws were removed when the door was taken out of the jamb.
► All debris shall be removed to the dumpster or to the designated trash area.
► House shall be clean and broom-swept before job will be considered complete.
► Any items found during the final inspection that need correction shall be corrected before payment will be made.

Paint: Exterior

► All over-spray on window glass and aluminum window trim (inside and outside) must be wiped off with a damp rag before it dries. Aluminum window trim, especially the white baked-on finish, is easily damaged by razor blades and other items when the cleaners try to remove dried paint over-spray.
► Exterior paint color shall be as specified by Builder.
► Exterior paint shall be two (2) coats, both of which may be sprayed.
► Exterior trim paint shall be as specified by Builder.
► Exterior trim paint shall be two (2) coats, both of which must be brushed.
► All exterior areas to be painted, including the foundation, shall be free of dirt, mud, excess caulking, and any other foreign matter.
► Paint must be cleaned from all hinges and other hardware.
► Over-spray must be cleaned from any brick, stucco, or other finish.
► Decks, porches, outside handrails, etc., are a part of the outside paint package and shall be painted, stained, or left untreated per plan or Work Order.
► All exterior siding joints, corner boards, facia boards, overhangs, cantilevers, windows, doors, vents, and any other wood trim or siding shall be caulked. On houses with brick fronts, all gaps between the brickmold and brick will be caulked.
► All thresholds must be caulked to prevent moisture and insects from entering the house.
► All exposed metal lintels shall be wire-brushed to remove any rust and painted with a black, rust-proof paint.

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