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Objective of this Scope of Work

► To ensure that Stairs are installed in a manner consistent with all applicable building codes, manufacturer's instructions and warranty requirements, and acceptable construction practices.

Terms used in this document

►SITE SUPERINTENDENT: shall refer to any Company representative with authority to enforce this Scope of Work.
►SUBCONTRACTOR: shall refer to the Subcontractor's organization, its employees, or any representative of the Subcontractor assigned the authority to perform per this Scope of Work.

Acceptable Performance

Stairs: General

► Due care must be taken when removing temporary stairs and installing the permanent stairs. The installers must not damage the existing framing or other Subcontractors’ work.
► All stairs are to be properly braced on the underside of the stairs to prevent any movement, including bouncing, creaks, squeaks, and movement. All “shims and bracing pieces” on the underside of treads must be secured with both additional shims and nails.
► All stairs shall be covered with rosin paper to protect the stair treads during the remaining time of construction. All areas of oak on the stair treads are to be doubly protected with a material that cannot be readily torn, knocked off, or otherwise removed to leave the oak exposed to damage.

Stairs: Installation

► The Subcontractor shall remove temporary stairs and place them in the garage when permanent stairs are installed.
► The Subcontractor shall prevent damage to existing framing or other completed construction.
► The Subcontractor shall construct stairs in such a manner that stairs do not squeak, creak, bounce, or move.
► The Subcontractor shall add additional bracing as required to ensure the stability of the stairs.
► The Subcontractor shall field-measure the stair area to ensure a correct fit and correct riser spans.
► Stairs are to be fitted to the floor correctly for the floor covering used (wood, vinyl, or carpet).
► Stairways shall not be less than 36 inches in clear width.
► The greatest riser height within any flight of stairs shall not exceed the smallest riser height by more than 3/8 inch.
► The greatest tread width within any flight of stairs shall not exceed the smallest tread width by more than 3/8 inch.
► When risers are closed, all treads may have a uniform projection not to exceed 1-1/2 inches.
► The Subcontractor is responsible for cleaning up all residual materials before the job shall be accepted as complete.
► Any items found during the final inspection that need correction shall be corrected before payment will be made.

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