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Objective of this Scope of Work

► To ensure that Gutters are installed in a manner consistent with all applicable building codes, manufacturer's instructions and warranty requirements, and acceptable construction practices.

Terms used in this document

►SITE SUPERINTENDENT: shall refer to any Company representative with authority to enforce this Scope of Work.
►SUBCONTRACTOR: shall refer to the Subcontractor's organization, its employees, or any representative of the Subcontractor assigned the authority to perform per this Scope of Work.

Acceptable Performance

Gutters: General

► The Subcontractor is to furnish all materials and labor to install guttering per plan. Material is to be specified at the bid stage.
► Material and type of gutters shall be the size and type specified on the Work Order.
► All installations are to be by trained, experienced workers.
► Installations shall be per the manufacturer’s installation instructions using the fasteners and procedures specified.
► The Subcontractor shall follow all safety regulations regarding ladders, scaffolding, safety rails, etc. If pump-jack-type scaffolding is used, handrails must be in place at all times. Review "Section 2- Safety" of the Subcontractor Terms and Conditions for consequences of ignoring safety regulations.

Gutters: Detail and Installation

► Plans shall be reviewed with the Site Superintendent prior to beginning work.
► If sod has been laid either a piece of sod shall be removed (and replaced) or ladders shall be placed on boards to prevent damage to sod.
► All gutters are to be firmly attached to the house with a minimum of gaps between roof and gutter.
► Gutters shall not leak at miters, corners, or joints.
► All gutters shall be installed with the correct slope for drainage. Water shall not stand in gutters more than 1/2 inch in any area.
► All downspouts shall be firmly attached to the house with adequate straps to ensure there are no bows or gaps between wall and downspout.
► Downspouts should be located approximately every 30 feet or as required by roof design.
► Downspouts shall terminate no higher than 6 inches from grade.
► No downspout may terminate on a deck. A hole shall be cut in the deck and the downspout is to continue through the deck to 6 inches above grade.
► Downspouts shall not terminate in such a manner as to cause water-flow problems. The Site Superintendent shall have the final authority to change the direction of the downspout water flow.
► Downspouts shall be continuous as much as possible with a minimum of piecing and joining.
► Splashguards shall be installed as necessary.
► Splashguards shall be installed at all valleys.
► Splashblocks shall be installed at each downspout if landscaping is complete. If landscaping is not complete splashblocks shall be left in garage for installation after landscaping is complete.
► All debris shall be removed to the dumpster or designated trash area and the job site shall be left clean and free of debris.
► The Subcontractor is responsible for cleaning up all residual materials before the job will be accepted as complete.

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