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Objective of this Scope of Work

► To ensure that Shutters are installed in a manner consistent with all applicable building codes, manufacturer's instructions and warranty requirements, and acceptable construction practices.

Terms used in this document

►SITE SUPERINTENDENT: shall refer to any Company representative with authority to enforce this Scope of Work.
►SUBCONTRACTOR: shall refer to the Subcontractor's organization, its employees, or any representative of the Subcontractor assigned the authority to perform per this Scope of Work.

Acceptable Performance


Shutters: General

► Company will specify the type of shutter to be used. No substitutions are allowed.
► The Site Superintendent will notify the Subcontractor of the correct type, color, and number of shutters to be installed in adequate time for the Subcontractor to secure the correct shutters.
► Experienced, trained personnel shall do installation.
► All shutters shall be installed per the installation instructions and with the manufacturer’s suggested fasteners.
► All shutters shall be installed per plan.
► Shutters shall be installed plumb, level, and square, without bows, bends, or damage.

Shutters: Installation

► No shutter shall be installed that has visible defects such as splits, unpainted areas, or out-of-plumb shape, etc. Any shutter with either a horizontal or vertical deflection of more than 1/2 inch when measured from top to bottom or side to side is unacceptable.
► Shutters installed on uneven surfaces, such as stone, shall be secured to the structure so that the shutters do not “wave” over the surface.
► Any items found during the final inspection that need correction shall be corrected before payment will be made.

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