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Objective of this Scope of Work

► To ensure that Siding and Exterior Trim is installed in a manner consistent with all applicable building codes, manufacturer's instructions and warranty requirements, and acceptable construction practices.

Terms used in this document

►SITE SUPERINTENDENT: shall refer to any Company representative with authority to enforce this Scope of Work.
►SUBCONTRACTOR: shall refer to the Subcontractor's organization, its employees, or any representative of the Subcontractor assigned the authority to perform per this Scope of Work.

Acceptable Performance
Siding and Exterior Trim is divided into two sections. Both sections are included in this Scope of Work. Payment will be made for the job when the Siding and Exterior Trim is completed and accepted.
Siding and Exterior Trim: General

► The Subcontractor shall review the plans with the Site Superintendent prior to beginning work to ensure that the Subcontractor is familiar with the work to be done and the materials to be used.
► Trained, experienced individuals shall install all siding.
► Any corrections that have to be made because the Subcontractor did not review the plans with the Site Superintendent shall be corrected at the expense of the Subcontractor.
► The type of siding used on a house is determined by the options selected by the purchaser.
► Concrete siding and wood siding are the normal siding used. The Work Order will specify the type of siding to be used. Company will furnish the siding material. The Subcontractor will furnish all fasteners.
► All siding will be installed per the manufacturer’s specifications.
► All siding shall be installed per plan using the fasteners required by the manufacturer. Siding is to be nailed, blind or face, per the manufacturer’s installation instructions.
► The Subcontractor is expected to control material waste. The Subcontractor may, at the Site Superintendent's discretion, be charged for unacceptable waste and have those charges deducted from payments due.
► The Subcontractor shall follow all safety regulations regarding ladders, scaffolding, safety rails, etc. If pump-jack-type scaffolding is used, handrails must be in place at all times. Review "Section 2- Safety" of the Subcontractor Terms and Conditions for consequences of ignoring safety regulations.
► All construction debris is to be removed to the dumpster or designated trash collection area and the job site is to be left clean.
► Any items found during the final inspection that need correction shall be corrected before payment will be made.

Siding: Installation

► All siding shall be level and straight with a maximum of 1/4 inch off parallel in 20 feet with contiguous courses.
► All siding shall be secured to solid framing.
► End gaps wider than 1/16 inch are unacceptable in hardboard or concrete siding.
► Any siding board that is cracked, split, or broken during installation must be removed and replaced. No broken, split, or cracked siding boards shall be on the house at the completion of the job.
► Siding waves of more than 1/8 inch in 16 inches is unacceptable.
► Bows in hardboard or concrete siding of more than 1/8 inch in 32 inches are unacceptable.
► “Z” mold flashing shall be installed at the top of all openings. Additional flashing shall be installed as required by Site Supervisor.
► Any holes, nicks, gouges, etc., in siding shall be repaired before job is considered complete.
► Unacceptable pieces of siding shall be replaced before the job is considered complete.

Vinyl Siding: Installation

► Starter strip shall be placed level at the point the siding is to be started, with a gap of 1/4" between strips.
► Installed panels and accessories must move freely from side to side.
► Nails or other fasteners shall be secured to framing members.
► Nails or other fasteners shall be centered in the nailing slots.
► Nail heads should be 5/16" minimum in diameter. Shank should be 1/8" in diameter.
► The clearance between the fastener head and the siding panel shall be approximately 1/32" (about the thickness of a dime).
► Fasteners shall be driven straight and level to prevent distortion and buckling of the panel.
► There shall be a minimum clearance of 1/4" at all openings and stops to allow for normal expansion and contraction.
► If siding is installed at a temperature below 40°, minimum clearance shall be increased to 3/8".
► Siding panels shall not be caulked where they meet the receiver of inside corners, outside corners, or J-trim.
► Overlap joints shall not be caulked.
► Siding shall not be face-nailed except in very limited applications where the nail hem is removed and nail punch lock systems cannot be used.
► Siding end laps shall be staggered so that no two courses are aligned vertically unless separated by at least three courses.
► Beginning and ending course panels shall not be less than 24" in length.
► Green lumber shall not be used as underlayment.
► Unacceptable pieces of siding shall be replaced before the job is considered complete.
► Vinyl siding manufacturer’s instructions shall be followed, using parts specified by the manufacturer, to ensure proper installation

Exterior Trim: Installation

► All exterior trim shall be installed per plan, including any porch columns and railings. Exterior trim should not be installed if split, broken, or gouged, or if it contains large knots or holes. No exterior trim of poor appearance shall be used.
► Exterior trim materials with splits wider than 1/8 inch are unacceptable. Bows and twists exceeding 1/4 of an inch in 8 feet are also unacceptable.
► Joints between exterior trim elements shall not result in joints opened wider than 1/16 inch. In all cases, the exterior trim shall perform its function of excluding the elements.
► Exterior trim shall be tightly secured to framing members and shall be straight, level, and plumb.
► All inside and outside corners and window and door openings shall be trimmed out per plan or per the site superintendent.
► Garage doorjambs shall be completed to the size of the garage door as shown on the plans. Corners shall be completed per plans.
► Garage doorjambs shall be square, level, plumb, and straight.

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