Unique Value Proposition (UVP) Generator

The UVP Generator is a very useful brainstorming tool. To use the Generator, list your test words or phrases in the colored cells on the left of the page. Read the results in the cells to the right to see if any combination reflects the nuance you are attempting to reach. Keep adding and subtracting words or phrases until you find a trial UVP that works. You will probably want to run this exercise several times.

Measure your final UVP against these six questions.  If you can answer yes to each of the following questions, you have your UVP.

  1. Does it differentiate by setting you apart from the other choices in the market?
  2. Does it resonate by hitting the bull’s-eye with your market?
  3. Does it reflect the true character of your company?
  4. Does it promise by committing your company to something important to your client?
  5. Does it elevate by making the reader feel better to be a part of it?
  6. Does it sing by being easy to read and easy to remember?