Position Planning

Sit down...Close your eyes...
Now picture your perfect construction company.

You are going to build a company just like you build a house.  Just like you plan for the excavator, concrete, framing, HVAC, plumbing, electrical, exterior finish and interior finish on your construction project, you are going to plan the Operations, Marketing and Sales, Production, and Finance for your business.

For the business model you have in mind, what work is going to have to be done in each of these broad categories?

Think about the work to be done in your business, and HOW that work will be accomplished.

Once you have a general idea, use the Position Planning form available on this page to write down all the positions that are going to have to be filled to make your business viable.  I have started you off with four broad categories:

  • Planning, Operations
  • Marketing, Estimating and Sales
  • Production
  • Accounting, Finance

Now you need to build out the positions in the organization chart necessary to fulfill your business vision.   Use the Worksheet below to do that.  Take a look at the sample sheet if you get stuck.