Create a Simple Budget

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With this application, you can conduct "Expected Case", "Best Case" and "Worst Case" budget scenarios.
  • Enter Company Name and select year from dropdown.
  • Default percentages have been entered for all line items shown. Customize those percentages to fit your business model.
  • Some line items shown will be a constant, or fixed, period expenditure (think “Construction Supervisors”, “Owner and Admin Compensation”, and possibly “All Other General & Administrative” expenses). For those line items, select “Yes” from the dropdown under “Use Fixed”.
  • If you do not wish to budget for any line item, simply enter “0” in that space.
  • Then begin entering expected revenue per month in the green cells under month names.  The app will begin apportioning the expenses for each month.
  • Break-even levels are calculated progressively for each period.
  • Admittedly, this is a relatively simple budgeting process.  However, it will provide insights into the finances for the coming year. 
  • While creating a budget for an entire year is the norm, you can also create the budget based on a shorter timeline. Create the budget for six months or even quarterly to get a better idea of what to expect.
  • Changing your entries (Expenses and Revenues) will provide “What-If” scenarios for consideration.  Try to get to a budget that makes sense for your company, and then make the management decisions necessary to make certain your company is profitable.
  • Be sure to save the file so it can be accessed and updated as needed.