Your Specialist Team

Help your specialists add value to your company by describing what you expect of them

  • Should make sure your entity structure is appropriate for where you are in your business growth.
  • Should review your contracts and agreements to ensure that such documents protect your company from predation by customers, subcontractors and clients.
  • Should warn you proactively about changes in the law that could affect you and/or your business.
  • Should work with you to develop the most useful financial decision models to help you understand your business.
  • Should meet with you on a regular basis to discuss problems.
  • Should keep you updated on budget-to-actual results for each project.
  • Should be informing you about tax law changes that could impact your tax planning.
  • Should be advising on strategies to minimize your tax burden.
  • Should be looking at your personal finances and how your business assets fit into your overall personal financial and investment portfolio.
  • Should consult with you to identify business opportunities that arise periodically.
  • Should help to establish systems for operating your business more efficiently.
  • Should be assisting in managing relationships with lenders, clients, subcontractors and vendors.
  • Should offer insights in your marketing, organizational structure, and people management practices.
  • Should be alerting you to available properties acquisition opportunities.
  • Should be alerting you to changes in the valuation structures in your markets.
  • Should keep you informed regarding the amenities, features, and products home shoppers are asking about.
  • Should let you know about new coverage programs which would be advantageous for your business.
  • Should also be checking your risks and coverages periodically to insure that you are adequately, but not overly, protected.
  • Should be advising you about how your business fits into your estate planning program.
  • Should help you construct your business financial reports in the best light for presentation to loan committees.
  • Should assist in establishing and monitoring necessary lines of credit.
  • Should be in a position of authority within their bank which will carry weight with the various approval committees.
  • Should keep you informed about lending programs available to assist in your sales efforts.
  • Should be available to make presentations to prospective home buyers as they move through your sales process.
  • Should assist home buyers in creating a financial package which will be attractive to the broker’s funding sources.

All these people work for you. They should be earning their fees.