Addendum to Scope of Work

Use this form if you wish to add specifications to the original Scope of Work.  Select the phase(s) which will be impacted by the additional information.  Add the detail of the specification change(s).  Send the form to the subcontractors that need to know about the change(s).  Copies of this form will be emailed to you and to each of the subcontractors you list.

This form will help you think through the construction process and document the effect of changes to the specifications for your project.  That will be useful if you need to create a change order for your client.


This is an addendum to an existing SCOPE OF WORK
Addendum Details
Performance On This Addendum

► All performance relative to this Scope of Work addendum is expected to be at the same level of quality and workmanship as agreed to in the initial Scope of Work.
► This addendum does not alter any terms of the initial Scope of Work.
► If this addendum results in a change in the pricing of the work agreed to in the initial Scope of Work, it is the responsibility of the Subcontractor to inform the Site Supervisor of that change in pricing and to secure a Change Order prior to executing the work requested in this Addendum.
►If no Change Order is requested and issued prior to executing on this Addendum, no Change Order or additional payment will be allowed upon such execution.

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