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with the subcontractor.

This step removes any questions about who broke the window or if the safety measures are in place or whether the project was ready for the subcontractor to start work or who scratched the bathtub.

File the Inspection Report in the Job Binder until the subcontractor notifies you that he is ready for the final inspection.
when the subcontractor reports that the work is completed.

This walk-through must be conducted at the end of each phase as it verifies that all the work in the current phase is complete and that the project is ready for the next phase to begin.

I like to have both the subcontractor just finishing the phase and the subcontractor just getting ready to start a phase on the site at the same time. If there is a problem, we can work it out right there.

Always have a post-work inspection. This final step demonstrates that you are serious about the check list and having the job done the way you want it done.
until the terms of the Inspection Report have been met.

Once payment is made, you have lost leverage for making certain the work is done to your standards.

in the appropriate section of the Job Binder, scan to the electronic folder, or move the email to the Job File.

This is an important part of your construction management records.

Multiple systems focus on getting the lead on the phone or walking through your office door.  Branding, advertising, website design, client journey planning… all have this single focus.

Once the Lead commits to making contact with your company, you must have a system that demonstrates:

  • Your gratitude that the Lead has chosen to contact your company;
  • Your capability to perform to the Lead’s expectations;
  • The commitment you have made to developing a system to make certain your Company and the Lead are a match.  
  1. Use this form to collect information from Leads that contact the office by telephone or that walk-in.

  2. You can use it while on the phone or complete it after initial contact with the lead.

  3. Once you enter the “Representative email” information, a completed copy of this form will be sent to your email when you click on “Send”.

  4. If you enter email information into either of the “Copy to” boxes, a copy of the form will be sent to those addresses as well.

  5. Be certain to respond as requested by the Lead, and copy your response to the Lead’s file as well.

  1. For quicker access, add this form to Bookmarks Bar.

  2. For even quicker access, open the page and leave it open in the server.  Then just click on the tab to use.

  3. You can create an email address such as “” where a copy of all lead intake forms would be sent when completed.  That way, you would have an archive of all contacts to review for calculating the sales conversion ratio and for completing the information required in the Customer Journey Analysis form.
  1.  Save this file where it can be accessed for monthly updates.  File management instructions are shown at the bottom left of the app.
  2.  Enter data only in the green boxes.
  3.  Sample quarters are provided as examples.
  4.  The appropriate overhead allocations will be calculated automatically once the data has been entered.
  5.  Make the adjustments monthly, quarterly or annually by making a General Journal entry to your accounting platform.
  1. Enter Project Name at “Job” column.
  2. Enter date Project was started (01/22/20XX) at “Start” column
  3. Enter date Project was completed (9/12/20XX) at “Complete” column.
  4. Enter days this month that Project was active. If project was started during the month, enter from start day to end of month. If project was completed during the month, enter days from first of month to completion day.

Client Management

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Client Management

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