Plan On Succeeding Next Year

Get ahead of the curve for the upcoming year with this essential checklist to revamp your construction business, clean up your business records and prepare for the new year.

  • Start by organizing your business records meticulously; a tidy record-keeping system boosts efficiency and ensures you have vital information at your fingertips.
  • Confirm that all your legal responsibilities are covered so nothing unexpected comes back to bite you.
  • Evaluate your marketing strategies; identify what works and what doesn’t to craft a powerful marketing plan that resonates with your potential buyers.
  • Review your subcontractor relationships and identify areas for greater efficiency and performance. Your subcontractors are the backbone of your company’s success.
  • Review all your projects for the past year to determine what went right and what went wrong. Use the Project Profitability report for your analysis.
  • Assess your ongoing construction projects. Ensure they’re on track, within budget, profitable, and meet your high standards of quality.
  • Dive into your financial records. Use templates to create an annual budget and six-week cash flow forecasts. A clear financial picture guides smart decision-making.
  • Use this comprehensive checklist to simplify the process, making your transition into the new year seamless.
  • Tick off each item to ensure you are prepared for next year’s successes. 
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