Personal Financial Monitor

Your business is a part of your investment portfolio.  The purpose of your business is to increase your wealth. 
Track the changes in your personal wealth, including the performance of your business, with this app.
  1. Enter your information for the starting month, and then save the form, using the naming convention “YY-MO Personal Finances”. 

  2. For the next month, access this page again, reload the file, add the current month information, and then save, using the naming convention for the current month.  You will be able to track your monthly progress and make sure you are hitting your goals.

  3. Save the document by using the “Save” button at the bottom of the document.  Watch the video and/or read the instructions for saving and recalling a JSON document. That information is found at the bottom left of the Dashboard.

  4. Move the document to a file on your computer where you will be able to recall the document.

The purpose of this document is to track your personal wealth and the growth thereof.  A business is a large personal asset, and the performance of your construction business will impact your personal wealth.

  • The “Income and Expenses” tab has purposely been created to be a basic analysis of your personal budgeting and expenditures.
  • You will find yourself focusing on the “Net Worth” tab, as it the most important feature of this application.
  • The “Net Worth” graph on the Dashboard tab should always be moving up and to the right.