10 + 1 Questions Production Should Ask Sales

The hand-off from Sales to Production is a critical step in the building process.  Sales has been working with the client to bring their dreams alive in the design, specification and budgeting process of building a home.  Production  may have been consulted a time or two during this process, but cannot be expected to be up to speed on the needs and wants of the Client.

The purpose of this document is to transfer all the inside information Sales has gleaned from its interaction with the Client to Production.  To this point, the client has been dealing with the Company through Sales.  Now, the Client will deal with the Company through Production.  To the Client, she is still dealing with the Company, and will be disappointed if information provided to Sales does not survive the hand-off to Production.

This document will assist in that hand-off by addressing issues that may not show up in the contracts and/or blueprints, but are still critical to maintaining the Clients’ goodwill. 

Sales to Production Hand-off

SALES: Please answer the following questions fully. Answers will help Production provide the highest level of continuity as we proceed with this project.