New Lead Intake Form

Multiple systems focus on getting the lead on the phone or walking through your office door.  Branding, advertising, website design, client journey planning… all have this single focus.

Once the Lead commits to making contact with your company, you must have a system that demonstrates:

  • Your gratitude that the Lead has chosen to contact your company;
  • Your capability to perform to the Lead’s expectations;
  • The commitment you have made to developing a system to make certain your Company and the Lead are a match.  
  1. Use this form to collect information from Leads that contact the office by telephone or that walk-in.

  2. You can use it while on the phone or complete it after initial contact with the lead.

  3. Once you enter the “Representative email” information, a completed copy of this form will be sent to your email when you click on “Send”.

  4. If you enter email information into either of the “Copy to” boxes, a copy of the form will be sent to those addresses as well.

  5. Be certain to respond as requested by the Lead, and copy your response to the Lead’s file as well.

  1. For quicker access, add this form to Bookmarks Bar.

  2. For even quicker access, open the page and leave it open in the server.  Then just click on the tab to use.

  3. You can create an email address such as “” where a copy of all lead intake forms would be sent when completed.  That way, you would have an archive of all contacts to review for calculating the sales conversion ratio and for completing the information required in the Customer Journey Analysis form.
When submitted, form responses are sent to the email addresses provided and then deleted.


Initial Contact - Phone or Walk-In

"[Hello], [Good morning], [Good afternoon], this is [your name] with [your company]. How may I assist you today?"
"That's great, and I am very happy you contacted us. May I get a little more information, please?"
"Thank you. What is your name?"
"Thanks, [Lead name]. How did you find out about [Company name]?"

"OK. Let's talk about your project."
"Have you worked with a full-service builder before?"
If yes, "What was your experience with your previous builder?"
If no, describe your building process (30 seconds).
"What is your timeline for the project?"
"Tell me more about the project."

If you determine this is a qualified Prospect

"What do you already know about us?" (This is an opportunity to describe the company specialty, how long in business, awards, the Unique Value Proposition (UVP), etc.)
"Here is how we work with our Clients." (Describe the Company Sales Process from CONTACT to CONTRACT to COMPLETION - the CLIENT JOURNEY)
" I'd like to send you some more information about [TOPIC]. Can I get your email address?"
"May I call you back in a few days to see if you have questions?"
"What is the best number to reach you?"
"Would you like to set up a "No Obligation" Initial Appointment?"


Contact Summary