ENERGY STAR® Checklist


Flashing At Bottom Of Exterior Walls
Stucco Cladding
Veneer Installation - Brick and Stone
Drainage Planes
Fully Sealed Continuous Drainage Plane Behind Exterior Cladding
Possible monolithic weather-resistant barrier materials include house wrap that is sealed or taped at all joints; rigid foam insulation or other sheathing materials with a weather-resistant coating if all joints are fully taped; building paper or building felt installed with shingle-style laps; liquid-applied coatings; or other water-resistive barrier materials recognized by the ICC-ES or another accredited agency.
Taped Insulating Sheathing Drainage Planes
Rigid foam insulation can serve as the drainage plane when all seams are taped. Furring strips provide an air gap behind the cladding.
Fully Flashed Window and Door Openings
The process for properly flashing a window or door opening is: 1) Install pan flashing; 2) Install window or door; 3) Install side flashing that extends over the pan flashing; 4) Install top flashing which extends over the tops of the side flashings.

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