ENERGY STAR® Checklist


Step and Kick-Out Flashing at Roof-Wall Intersections
If metal, the flashing should be made of galvanized steel at least 0.019-inches thick (IRC 2015).
Step Flashing
When installing metal or rubber membrane roofs, use continuous flashing rather than pieces of step flashing.
Kick-Out Flashing
Boot/Collar Flashing
Gutters and Downspouts
ENERGY STAR® does not require gutters for homes that have a slab-on-grade foundation or are in a dry climate. (See the Compliance Tab for other ENERGY STAR® exceptions.)
Roof Deck Valleys and Penetrations Sealed
IRC requirements for roof valley flashing vary by roofing material type, see the IRC 2009, 2012, or 2015 for specific requirements.
Around penetrations such as pipes or vents, install one piece to surround the pipe from the down-slope side of the pipe, then install the upslope piece to overlap the upper edge of the down-slope side. This membrane is then integrated with the weather-resistant barrier.
Roof Eaves Sealed With Self-Adhering Membrane In Cold Climate
This membrane is not required by ENERGY STAR® in cold-dry climates or in warm climates (IECC 1-4).

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