ENERGY STAR® Checklist


Carpet Not Installed In Wet Areas
Cement Board Installed Behind Tub and Shower Enclosures
An alternate approved product such as fiber-cement, fiber-reinforced gypsum, glass mat gypsum, or fiber mat-reinforced cementitous backer panels may be installed in place of cement board.
If a monolithic tub and shower enclosure (e.g., fiberglass with no seams) is used, a paper-faced backer board can be use if it meets ASTM mold-resistant standards (ENERGY STAR®).
Class 1 Vapor Retarders Not Installed In Above-Grade Wall In Warm-Humid Climate
Materials with a perm rating of ≤0.1 include rubber membranes, polyethylene film, glass, aluminum foil, sheet metal, foil-faced insulating sheathings, and foil-faced non-insulating sheathings.
EXCEPTION: Class 1 vapor retarders (perm <0.1) can be used on the interior side of walls if air-permeable insulation is not present.
EXCEPTION: Class 1 vapor retarders, such as ceramic tile, may be used at shower and tub walls.
No Visible Signs of Water Damage or Mold On Materials
EXCEPTION: Lumber with "sap stain fungi" is exempt from this Item as long as the lumber is structurally intact.
Building Materials With High Moisture Content Not Enclosed

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