ENERGY STAR® Checklist


Whole Building Delivered Ventilation
Kitchen Exhaust
Bathroom Exhaust
Bathroom Fan Ratings
ENERGY STAR® exempts fans that have a rated flow of ≥ 500 CFM.
Ventilation Override Controls
Continuously Operating Ventilation and Exhaust Fans
Obvious Ventilation Controls
Outdoor Air Intake Damper Controlled
Ventilation Air Inlet Locations
Note: it is easier to install an air inlet at the gable end of the house than to try to lift it off the roof 2 to 4 feet.
Corrosion-Proof Rodent/Bird Vent Screens
Local Mechanical Exhaust
Kitchen Exhaust
Bathroom Exhaust
High-MERV Filter
DOE’s Zero Energy Ready Home™ program and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Indoor airPLUS® program require that filters be at least MERV 8.
Proper Installation of Furnace and Air-Handler Filters
Combustion Appliances
Direct Vent Equipment
NOTE: Direct vented models are equipped with a pipe to bring combustion air directly from outside to the combustion chamber and have a second sealed vent pipe to carry exhaust gases directly to the outside from the appliance.
Fireplaces/Stoves With Proper Ventilation
Unvented Combustion Appliances
Unvented combustion appliances include unvented fireplaces, also known as ventless or ductless fireplaces. These gas, propane, or ethanol-burning fireplaces have no vent so they draw combustion air from the room they are in and release toxic combustion byproducts and moisture vapor back into the space in which they are located. Their use is banned in many states and municipalities.

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