ENERGY STAR® Checklist


HVAC Contractor Confirmation
Acceptable Supply Ductwork Installation
No Kinks or Sharp Bends in Flex Duct Installation
No Excessive Coiled or Looped Flex Ducts
Sufficient Cavity Space for Flex Ducts
Sealed and Insulated Ductwork
The¬†DOE Zero Energy Ready Home™ program¬†requires that heating/cooling system supply ducts be installed within the conditioned space of the home.
See the Compliance tab in the Resource Guide link for R-value minimum requirements specified in the IRC, IECC, DOE Zero Energy Ready Home™ program, and ENERGY STAR® criteria.
Specifically for Flex Ductwork
Specifically for Metal Ductwork
Specifically for Fiber Board Ductwork
Dedicated Return Ducts

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