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Objectives of this Scope of Work

► PUSH-OUT: to provide a site cleared of any obstructions, level and ready for construction.
► BACKFILL: to fill in against foundation walls, to stabilize foundation walls, and create swales and berms.
► FINAL GRADE: to prepare the site for final inspection and landscaping.

Terms used in this document

► SITE SUPERINTENDENT: shall refer to any Company representative with authority to enforce this Scope of Work.
► SUBCONTRACTOR: shall refer to the Subcontractor's organization, its employees, or any representative of the Subcontractor assigned the authority to perform per this Scope of Work.

Acceptable Performance

Excavation is divided into 3 sections—Pushout (Slab on Grade and/or Crawlspace/Basement), Backfill, and Final Grade. While these sections will be performed at separate times, this Scope of Work covers all three sections.

Excavation Push-Out: Slab on Grade

► The Subcontractor and the Site Superintendent shall identify any landscaping features to receive special consideration.
► Trees, stumps, and any debris shall be removed.
► Undisturbed natural area shall be identified and shall remain undisturbed.
► Any disturbed natural area shall be re-compacted.
► No debris of any kind may be buried on the lot.
► Rough grading and leveling of the lot shall leave no major hills, valleys, holes, or excess trees.
► The Subcontractor shall prepare a clear and level pad area extending thirty (30) feet around building perimeter.
► The Subcontractor shall cut in the driveway.

Excavation Push-Out: Additional for Crawlspace/Basement

► Footings and foundation are to be within ±2" of dimensions on construction documents.
► Basement slab depth shall be correctly calculated per plan.
► No open overdigs shall be allowed within the interior of the foundation.
► Perimeter overdig shall be at least 24" but shall not exceed 36".
► Perimeter overdig shall be constructed to prevent cave-ins.
► Drainage path for sump shall be cut and daylighted.
► Excavated area shall be free of loose soil.
► Access to basement area shall be provided for personnel and small equipment.

Excavation Backfill

► The slab and foundation shall be backfilled, taking care not to damage rough plumbing, footings, window wells, etc.
► The Subcontractor shall grade front- and backyards to create swales and berms, as required, to ensure correct drainage of the lot.
► The Subcontractor shall divert water to either the front of the house (to the street) or to natural creeks, etc. No water is to be diverted onto neighboring lots.
► Excess dirt shall be removed to a location determined by the Site Superintendent.
► No debris of any kind may be buried on the lot.

Excavation Final Grade

► Final grading of the lot shall leave it ready for landscaping.
► Final grading around the house shall be to a level a minimum of 6 inches below the top of the foundation. Inspections require a full 6 inches of exposed foundation.
► Final grading shall repair the original swales and berms if any damage has occurred, and shall ensure that the direction of the water flow is still correct.
► No debris of any kind may be buried on the lot.

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