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Position Descriptions

Customizable templates for more than 20 positions --


  • Your place in the organization;
  • Your leader;
  • Who you lead, teach and support;
  • How you help the company succeed;
  • Main results expected from you;
  • Main work you do.


  • Board of Directors
  • CEO
  • VP-Administration
  • VP-Marketing
  • VP-Production
  • VP-Finance
  • Manager-Projects
  • Manager-Accounting
  • Manager-Branding
  • Manager-Estimating
  • Manager-Facilities


  • Manager-Human Resources
  • Manager-Market Research
  • Manager-Purchasing/Subcontractors
  • Manager-Sales Process
  • Manager-Systems Development
  • Manager-Finance
  • Tech-Advertising
  • Tech-Website
  • Tech-Site Supervisor
  • New Position Template

Huge help when you hire!!

The Position Description templates are also a part of the "Organizing for Success" course. If you have already purchased that course, you have a complete catalog of the Positions Descriptions shown here and do not need to purchase this course.

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