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Organize Your Construction Company for Success

Is signing a contract a BLESSING or a CURSE?
For a construction company, it's a major helping of both.

Hooray, you just signed a new contract. But --

  • Is your organization capable of delivering on what you have just promised?

As you sign the contract, are you asking yourself any of these questions?

  • Can the current organization deliver the product on time, on budget?
  • Are the tasks which must be completed identified and documented?
  • Is the necessary talent in the critical positions to fulfill the contract?
  • Does that talent understand where they fit in the process and what is expected of them?
  • Is this sale or the next one or the one after that going to drown the company?

Growing a construction company is a very difficult task.

  • Reason #1: Your organization must deliver a completed building. On time, On budget.
  • Reason #2: You must rely on other people to get the work done.
  • Reason #3: The price of failure is very, very high.

Success requires time, planning, allocation of resources, talented people in the right positions, and a lot of hard work. For. Each. Individual. Project.

The foundation of a growing construction company is the organization you have put together to deliver on the promises you just made to the client in that contract.

Go back and read through the questions one more time. If you’re looking for the answers to those questions and a smart way to build or rebuild your organization, this Organization Risk Management course from Builder-Resources will be helpful.

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Organizing Your Construction Company for Success