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Manage Your Subcontractors From Your SmartPhone

Manage Your Subcontractors From Your SmartPhone

  • Have you ever been walking a job site after a subcontractor has just “finished” his work, and noticed some task that was left undone?  So, you grab a piece of wood, look around for something to write with, and wind up scratching yourself a note on a broken piece of OSB with a bent nail?  I have.
  • And you walk into your office with three or four stray pieces of wood, all with critical information etched on them, hoping you will be able to decipher it in the morning?  Yep.
  • And your receptionist looks at you kind of funny when you dump the pieces of wood on your desk?  Mine has.

If you have been checking out the Subcontractor Management Documents from Builder Resources, you know how important that quality checklist is for making sure everything gets done.  The problem has been making sure you had the right form with you at the right time.

Access isn't a problem any more. If you have your phone, iPad, or laptop-- you've got the quality control tool you need.

See what the web-based version of the Subcontractor Management System has to offer.

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Web-Based Subcontractor Management System


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A Letter from Dennis

Systematize Your Subcontractor Team With This Application

Systematize Your Subcontractor Team

In a small construction business, the quality of your subcontractor team becomes critically important. The fact that you put the future of your business in the hands of others means that you have to have some way of controlling their actions.

Control Job Site Quality With the Web-Based Subcontractor Management System

You can control jobsite quality if you let the Subs know what you want and then check on the job after each phase. This set of documents can provide the tools you need.

More on the Scope of Work
More on the Inspection Reports

BONUS: Monitor Subcontractor Insurance Certificates

Quickbooks to Monitor Subcontractor Insurance Certificates

A major portion of the risk you face comes from the work of your subcontractors. Your insurance carrier requires that you monitor the insurance coverages of your subs. Quickbooks has an easy way to do that built into the platform. Here is how to set up and use that feature.

Using Asana to Monitor Subcontractor Insurance Certificates