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Asana Project Management Template

The goal of this group of templates is to make certain that each important step in the production process is recognized and scheduled for the ultimate in efficient production.

(The project scheduling versions are updated, added to, and altered from time to time.
You can return here to download the latest versions anytime you wish.)
  • Schedule by Week

    Contains weekly tasks from Week (-3) to Week 15. Week 0 is the week that the building permit is issued. Total building time of 19 weeks can be customized by adding or removing weeks or by moving tasks to different weeks.

  • Schedule by Phase

    Displays all steps for each building phase (Foundation, Framing, exterior doors, HVAC, Electrical, etc.). User assigns schedule as fits the company construction process.

  • Schedule by Company Accountability

    All the tasks are organized by company function. This allows for the creation of a separate schedule for each accountability. Includes Sales/Operations, Pricing/Quotes, Vendor/Subcontractor Agreements, Order/Schedule, On Job Site/Receive-Install, and Quality Control/Inspection Reports.

  • Master Schedule

    This file contains each of the scheduling options. It is a very big file, and takes some time to download. After loading, select the option to be used and delete the others.

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Asana Project Management Template


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