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The Existential Estimate

Creating the proposal or estimate is the point at which the hammer hits the nail.

All of the hypothetical discussions you have been having with the client, all of the client’s wish lists, all of the client’s dreams are about to be subjected to the harsh realities of what you are able to do and what it is going to cost to get it done.

This process is full of danger for the budding relationship between the client and your business.

The Estimate is the critical tipping point in your business operation.

Unless you are capable of providing an estimate which

  • expresses the client’s design expectations,
  • displays your professional competence,
  • is delivered in a timely manner,
  • demonstrates your understanding of the client’s needs, and
  • meets the client’s value requirements…

you are not going to win or deserve the business.

And all of the effort that you have made in developing your construction knowledge, crafting the right marketing message, setting up a client-centric business, building a knowledgeable crew of subcontractors, and a hundred other tasks will mean nothing.

How's that for critical?

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