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Estimating a Project

Estimating a Project

Creating the proposal or estimate is the point at which the hammer hits the nail.

All of the hypothetical discussions you have been having with the client, all of the client’s wish lists, all of the client’s dreams are about to be subjected to the harsh realities of what you are able to do and what it is going to cost to get it done.

This process is full of danger for the budding relationship between the client and your business.

The Estimate is the critical tipping point in your business operation.

Unless you are capable of providing an estimate which

  • expresses the client’s design expectations,
  • displays your professional competence,
  • is delivered in a timely manner,
  • demonstrates your understanding of the client’s needs, and
  • meets the client’s value requirements…

you are not going to win or deserve the business.

And all of the effort that you have made in developing your construction knowledge, crafting the right marketing message, setting up a client-centric business, building a knowledgeable crew of subcontractors, and a hundred other tasks will mean nothing.

How's that for critical?

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Your EstimatorPRO Toolbox

Enhance Your Sales Process With EstimatorPRO

An overview of the structure of EstimatorPro and how it benefits the Sales Process.

The Estimating Process: An Existential Exercise

All of the hypothetical discussions you have been having with the client, all of the client’s wish lists, all of the client’s dreams are about to be subjected to the harsh realities of what you are able to do and what it is going to cost to get it done.

EstimatorPRO Overview

Quick overview of the important features of the EstimatorPRO application, from the designer of the platform.

Navigation Tool Bar

Instructional video for the EstimatorPRO Navigation Bar Add-In. Important features to help you get around in EstimatorPRO.

Page Tools and Add-Ins

An introduction to and description of the tools available on the estimate page of EstimatorPro. A look at how the tools work to make your work easier.

Materials and Labor Database

Introduction to the EstimatorPro database and suggestions on how to set-up the database.

Contacts Database

How to set up the Contacts Database in EstimatorPRO.

Specialty Calculators – Lumber Calculator

This handy tool can help calculate lumber quantities for rafters, hips, dormers and several other framing components. Great addition to your take-off toolbox.

Export Estimate to Quickbooks

Use this handy feature to transfer budget information from the EstimatorPRO customer summary to Quickbooks. One way to support your job cost accounting efforts.

Export Purchase Order to Quickbooks

Create a Purchase Order from the information in EstimatorPRO and transfer it to Quickbooks.

Setting Up the EstimatorPRO Estimate

Set Up the EstimatorPRO Estimate

Explaining how to set up the Estimate for EstimatorPro files and databases.

Start a Project In EstimatorPRO

Here are the steps I take to correctly name and save an estimate file.

The Key Info Sheet

The materials and labor take-off is completed here. Enter information that is automatically transferred to the detail sheets and throughout the estimate. This sheet is the secret to fast, accurate estimates.

Add a Phase to the Summary Page

Here is how to customize the Summary Sheet by adding a Phase. This process also adds the new phase to all the necessary reports and the database.

Pricing the Project

The Standard Detail Sheet

The Detail Sheet is the meeting place for the information on the Take-Off and the information in the Database. Learn to use this feature to automate your estimating process.

Completing the EstimatorPRO Estimate

All the information has been gathered and input. Now it is important to check each phase to make sure the numbers make sense and get a completed estimate for the project.

Creating the Proposal

Handling Allowances

One of the best things about EstimatorPRO is how allowances are handled. Remove any confusion from your proposal by using the allowances feature provided.

The Completed Proposal

Taking the raw information from the estimate and preparing a polished proposal is a snap for EstimatorPro. Here’s how to do it.

Tips and Tricks To Make EstimatorPRO Work Even Better

Suggested Electronic File Structure

Here is a suggested electronic file structure to help you organize the tidal wave of electronic documents you are going to be producing as you prepare proposals for jobs, contract with subs, and begin working with clients. Start organized to stay organized.

More Estimating Resources

Estimating with MS Excel

Here is what you need to know to build your own estimating app in MicroSoft Excel.

EstimatorPRO Users Guide

Documentation for EstimatorPRO. Take a run through here to see all that the app has to offer. Along with the videos and other resources presented here, this resource will help you understand the estimating program in greater detail.