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Nine Numbers™ can tell you how your business is doing

Nine Numbers™ can tell you how your business is doing

Imagine building a house without a tape measure.  You kinda guess at 92 5/8″.  You eyeball the door and window framing to confirm it’s square and true.  You drill the waste hole for the toilet “that far” off the wall. You just make the truss set “work out”.

You wouldn’t do that.

But, if you aren’t tracking these Nine Numbers™ religiously,  you are trying to build your construction business without a tape measure.  And there is no way you know how your business is performing.

If you think your business is doing ok because you’ve got money in your checking account, I can tell you that you can’t believe how fast that account can be emptied by commitments and liabilities you forgot about.  Money in your bank account can be an illusion that distorts your reality!

This course will identify the Nine Numbers™ you can check in about ten minutes a month, and be on top of your company finances.

First, I introduce the Nine Numbers™ and demonstrate how to read them to answer three important questions about your business.

  • Will my business survive?
  • Is my business healthy?
  • Is my business making me wealthy?

Part of the course is a downloadable worksheet that your bookkeeper can fill-in to provide your company Nine Numbers™ for you.  All you have to do is look at it.

The worksheet even provides graphs that lays out your company financial picture for my visually-oriented students.

Imagine being able to rattle off your last period profit, ending cash, and net worth.

This course makes it simple.

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The Nine Numbers™

Calculating My Nine Numbers™

If this is your first time in the course, please complete the following lessons before accessing this download. The information in the analysis will be much more useful.

Introduction to the Nine Numbers™

These nine numbers can help you manage your construction business better and more profitably. See where they come from and how you can use them.

Three Statements That Provide the Nine Numbers™

A discussion of the three components of wealth-building and the language of business.

The Inter-Relationship of the Nine Numbers™

It would be nice to understand how the Nine Numbers work together to provide the financial picture of your business. Here’s how/

Three Questions That the Nine Numbers™ Answer

Your business is not going to survive without cash. Your business is not healthy without profit. You are not getting wealthy unless your net worth is increasing.

Reading the Cash Flow Statement

Reading the financial statements should be just like reading a book. What does your cash flow story tell you?

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Is my business going to survive?
Do I have more cash coming in than going out?
The Cash Flow Statement provides those answers.